[전시]'The Hollow' 학고재-상하이,2016.11.5~

The Hollow: Yun Suknam Solo Exhibition
2016.11.5 - 2017.1.15

Hakgojae Shanghai marks its third anniversary. We have devoted to studying the artists that read the world through their works, such as Jin Meyerson, Ma Liuming, Nam June Paik, Lee Ufan, Chung Sang Hwa, Ha Chong Hyun, Jin Yangping, Zhao Nengzhi, Meekyoung Shin, Oh Se Yeol, etc.

The special exhibition on the third anniversary of Hakgojae Shanghai is The Hollow, a solo exhibition of Yun Suknam, the godmother of Korean feminist art, who has been working with subjects such as the history of women, the life of a woman, and maternalism.

Born in Manchuria, 1939, Yun Suknam has been working assiduously as a representative Korean feminist artist for the past 30 years. She never had a chance to earn proper education in art until she was in her forties. After starting her career as an artist, Yun actively participated in feminist culture activities in an aim towards equality amongst gender. She was a member of the October Group, one of Korea’s Minjung Art societies in 1985, opposing Western art in which depicted subjects far from our everyday lives.

In The Hollow, Hakgojae Shanghai presents major works that best represent the artist's oeuvres, like Fish Market II, Pink Room, Seated Woman, Neowa series, and ink-and-wash self portraits. It will be an invaluable opportunity to understand the passion and altruistic life of the artist.

Yun Suknam is the 1st female Korean artist whose work is part of Tate’s collection and is awarded Lee Choong Sup Award. Actively participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions, the artist was exhibited in Venice Biennale at Korean Pavilion in 1996, recently participated in Gwangju Biennale in 2014 and SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul in 2016. Her works are collected by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Gwacheon, Korea), Fukuoka Art Museum (Fukuoka, Japan), Taipei Museum of Art (Taipei), Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul), and Gyeonggido Museum of Art (Ansan, Korea).


195  윤석남작가 '어머니' 초상,미국 스미스소니언박물관    2019/01/05 
194  스미소니언 간 윤석남 작가의 '어머니 Ⅲ'는 어떤 작품?,중앙일보    2019/01/05 
193  윤석남 '어머니 Ⅲ', 美 스미스소니언박물관 내셔널포트레이트갤러리    2019/01/05 
192  윤석남, 美 내셔널포트레이트 갤러리서 '어머니 Ⅲ' 전시,뉴시스    2019/01/05 
191  윤석남 작가의 ‘어머니’, 美초상화 미술관 찾다, CNB저널    2019/01/05 
190  윤석남 작가, 스미스소니언 '세계의 초상화들' 전 참여    2019/01/05 
189  [전시]세계의초상화들:한국,스미스소이언 포트레이트 갤러리    2019/01/05 
188  [전시]낙원의이편,안양박물관,2018.10.18~11.30    2018/10/30 
187  '모성'은 그런 것이 아니다...중앙일보,2018.9.26    2018/09/28 
186  '마흔에 시작한 예술, 40년만에..,중앙선데이,2018.9.22    2018/09/28 
185  [윤석남 展] 페미니즘 대모의 자화상,더스쿠프,2018.9.14    2018/09/28 
184  '형광핑크에 갇힌반쪽자화상'윤석남개인전,아주경제,2018.9.14    2018/09/28 
183  '페미니스트 작가 윤석남...',여성신문,2018.9.5    2018/09/05 
182  페미니즘대모의 팔순 자화상...세계일보,2018.9.1    2018/09/05 
181  '호모데우스'같은 윤석남... 뉴시스,2018.8.31    2018/09/01 
180  '살기위해 붓 들었던 주부, 페미니즘.'노컷뉴스,2018.8.31    2018/09/01 
179  [전시]'윤석남', 학고재갤러리, 2018.9.4~10.14    2018/08/31 
178  '이제는돌아와 거울앞에 선 페미니스트',연합뉴스,2018.8.30    2018/08/31 
177  '한국 1세대 페미니즘작가윤석남...,뉴스핌,2018.8.30    2018/08/31 
176  '여성의 눈으로 세상을 말하다',경기신문,2018.8.9    2018/08/09 
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